26–27 September 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Tsutomu Matsumoto

Institute of Advanced Sciences Information and Physical Security
Yokohama National University

Tsutomu Matsumoto is a professor of Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University and directing the Research Unit for Information and Physical Security at the Institute of Advanced Sciences.

He received his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1986. Starting from Cryptography in the early 80’s, he has opened up the field of security measuring for logical and physical security mechanisms.

Currently he is interested in research and education of Embedded Security Systems such as IoT Devices, Network Appliances, Mobile Terminals, In-vehicle Networks, Biometrics, Artifact-metrics, and Instrumentation Security. He is serving as the IEICE Technical Committee on Hardware Security, the chair of Japanese National Body for ISO/TC68 (Financial Services), and a core member of the Cryptography Research and Evaluation Committees (CRYPTREC).

He was a director of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and the chair of the IEICE Technical Committee on Information Security and served as an associate member of the Science Council of Japan (SCJ).

He received the IEICE Achievement Award, the DoCoMo Mobile Science Award, the Culture of Information Security Award, the MEXT Prize for Science and Technology, and the Fuji Sankei Business Eye Award.