26–27 September 2017

Tokyo, Japan


Automotive cyber security: the long march

Fabrice Poulard, Automotive Security, NXP Semiconductors (France)

The automotive industry is widely aware of the threats to the (connected) car. Yet, the roll-out of cyber security defenses is taking more time than one would have anticipated. The long development cycles of the different vehicle components are partially responsible for this slow deployment, but that is not the only explanation.

  • What is the impact of cyber security systems on the automotive supply chain?
  • Are there enough quality solutions and expertise across the industry?
  • How to accommodate security requirements with mandatory safety measures?
  • How does the whole value chain look like from the different industry players?

As a supplier of semiconductor products and cyber security solutions to the automotive space, we propose to share our opinion on the situation, and to expose our views on what can be done at our level to help moving forward at a faster pace.