26–27 September 2017

Tokyo, Japan


Creating an integrated approach to cyber security & functional safety

Chandrasekhar Potluri, Senior Functional Safety Controls Specialist, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, North America (USA)

Cars have become much more than a mode of transportation and the evolution will continue for years to come. In order to continue integrating advanced vehicle technologies, OEMs & their key suppliers are working hard to ensure that vehicles are not only safe, but also secure. As a result of increasing connectivity and rising number electronics, the two are beginning to go hand in hand. During this session, our expert speaker will discuss:

  • Steps automotive manufacturers can take in order to implement an integrated approach for functional safety, and cyber security that will improve vehicle security & consumer safety
  • Benefits of moving toward this approach, which will allow security to be part of the entire life cycle of the vehicle
  • Breaking down and integrating cyber security into every aspect of the automotive product lifecycle, for ensuring security protocols do not infer and cause potential time lags with intended functions of ECUs
  • Balancing functional safety with connectivity in the vehicle and building resilience into powertrain components while integrating functional safety
  • Adding the necessary cyber defenses for in-vehicular systems to bolster functional safety without compromising vehicle performance.