26–27 September 2017

Tokyo, Japan


The car is undergoing a transformation from a simple means of transportation to a highly personalised mobile information hub.

V2X communications, in-vehicle networking, wireless access technologies, Near Field Communication (NFC) and multi-standard digital broadcast reception are already revolutionising today’s vehicles. Over the coming decade ADAS technologies will evolve to offer the prospect of highly automated driving.

All these electronic functions bring great benefits to the driver, increasing comfort, convenience and safety. But these features come with new risks, too. Vehicles are turning into ‘computers-on-wheels’, continuously generating, processing, exchanging and storing vast quantities of data. Their wireless interfaces connect to external networks such as the internet, enhancing consumer experience by enabling new features and services. And it is this connectivity that makes the Connected Car vulnerable to hackers seeking to exploit weaknesses for financial gain, amusement or even more sinister motives.

The Cyber Secure Car conference brings together software and hardware engineers from the leading global automakers, system suppliers, semiconductor manufacturers and specialist IT security companies in 20+ countries; as well as experts from universities and public authorities to tackle these threats head on.

Cyber Secure Car Japan 17 is your chance to learn from some of the world’s leading experts on hacker motivation & methodology; semiconductor integrity; on-board network security; cyber-physical systems; connected infotainment; cryptography; secure key management; V2X communications; embedded software development; data protection; privacy legislation and much more.

Join us in Tokyo this September and get the knowledge, insights and contacts you need to stay ahead in this fast-moving area and ensure that your customers, your technology and your reputation stay protected.




Cyber Secure Car会議は、世界20ヶ国以上からグローバル展開する大手自動車メーカー、システムサプライヤー、半導体メーカー、ITセキュリティ専門企業出身のソフトウェア並びにハードウェア技術者を集めています。(同様に、上述の脅威との対決に取り組むために、大学や公共機関からも召集)

「Cyber Secure Car Japan 17」は、ハッカーのモチベーションや技法、半導体の完全性、オンボードネットワークシステムのセキュリティ、サイバーフィジカルシステム、コネクテッド・インフォテイメント、暗号解析法、セキュリティキーの管理、V2X通信、内蔵ソフトウェアの開発、データ保護、プライバシー立法などに関する世界トップレベルの専門家から学べるチャンスです。