26–27 September 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Engineering safety, security and privacy in the age of the connected car


As vehicles become increasingly connected and autonomous, the security and integrity of on-board systems is a top priority for the automotive industry.

Exciting new connected services and the promise of driverless capabilities are turning the car into an attractive target for hackers, fraudsters and other sophisticated cyber criminals. And with today’s vehicles incorporating up to 100 ECUs connected to a range of external networks including Wi-Fi, cellular and the internet, the challenge of protecting these complex systems throughout the product lifecycle is considerable.

Established in Europe since 2015 and now coming to Tokyo, the Cyber Secure Car conference brings together the world’s leading experts in embedded and connected security to equip automakers and their suppliers with the technologies and strategies they need to tackle these automotive cyber-threats head-on.

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2015年にヨーロッパで設立され、継続的に開催されてきた「Cyber Secure Car」会議は、自動車を標的としたサイバー犯罪などの脅威に対応するために必要なテクノロジーや戦略を自動車メーカーとそのサプライヤーに理解してもらい、配備してもらう上で、繋がるシステム及び組み込みのセキュリティに長けている世界最先端の有識者によって構成されています。


Speakers include

A great chance to learn, to grow our network and to find inspiration.


Learn from the leading international experts

  • understand threats, use cases, and effects; prioritise risks and countermeasures
  • ensure security updates to prevent malicious attacks or repair software defects
  • develop strategies to segregate critical systems from non-critical systems
  • discover how to embed security through all stages of your software and hardware value chains

Companies attending Cyber Secure Car conferences include

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  • 脅威、使用事例、効果を理解する。リスクと対策の優先順を決める

  • 悪意のある攻撃を防いだりソフトウェアの不具合を修復したりするために確実にセキュリティの更新を行う

  • 重要性の低いシステムから重要なシステムを分離する計画を立てる

  • ソフトウェアやハードウェアの価値連鎖の全段階を通じてセキュリティを組み込む方法を見つける



Video: Highlights of Cyber Secure Car 16 in Munich

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